How To Prevent White Mold Growth

White molds are fungi which spread by dispersing airborne spores. There are at present over 100,000 known species of fungi in the world. The most common fungi to which we are constantly exposed are all-pervading and ever-present in our environment. Most common fungi are harmless and rarely cause disease, except to those individuals with challenged [...]

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Hiring White Mold Removal Services

White mold is known to be a health hazard leading to a variety of conditions and physical problems caused by indoor exposure to the mold itself and its spores. Mold related illnesses result from both – high level/ short time and low level/long term exposure. Effects can be seen immediately or manifest themselves some duration [...]

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Health Risks Of White Mold

White mold, which is named after its color, is one of numerous different kinds of molds. All molds are a type of fungi which emanate from microscopic organisms and proliferate through the spread of spores. Molds thrive and multiply rapidly in a damp, warm and humid environment. Their microscopic spores which spread rapidly in the [...]

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White Mold On Wood

While white mold infiltrates and grows prolifically inside buildings and homes, it is essentially a plant disease which spreads through airborne spores. White mold originates from a fungus called Sclerotina sclerotiorum and is easily recognizable by the presence of a fluffy white substance after which it is named. It grows profusely under the right conditions [...]

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White Mold In Basement

White mold is a form of fungus spread by spores in the atmosphere and which thrives in a damp or humid environment. White mold is commonly seen in places like bathrooms, basement, kitchens and other areas which are inclined to become damp. White mold can be potentially dangerous so should be tackled as soon as [...]

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How To Remove White Mold

What is White Mold? Molds, which are part of the environment, are microscopic organisms which digest organic matter and release spores to reproduce. They are a type of fungi of which there are over 100,000 species. There are many different kinds of mold, the most common being black mold but you also have gray, green [...]

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