White Mold In Basement

White mold is a form of fungus spread by spores in the atmosphere and which thrives in a damp or humid environment. White mold is commonly seen in places like bathrooms, basement, kitchens and other areas which are inclined to become damp. White mold can be potentially dangerous so should be tackled as soon as it is observed.

How do I detect white mold in the basement?

One of the best ways of detecting any sort of mold including white mold is to trust your sense of smell. Mold has an unmistakably peculiar musty odor, and basements are particularly susceptible to white mold growth because of their damp environment. Another way of detecting white mold is through visual inspection since they will be obvious. However many homeowners mistake efflorescence for white mold on basement floors. Efflorescence forms on concrete floors which absorb ground moisture with a high concentration of dissolved salts. When the moisture evaporates the salt residue remains as a white coating which is often believed to be white mold. The way to tell the difference is by scraping off some of the white substance and immersing it in a glass of water. If it does not dissolve it is white mold where the solids will not dissolve. White mold in basement must be arrested immediately as it multiplies and spreads very fast.

What is the best method of white mold removal?

The first step in white mold removal is to detect the source of the dampness and stop it. If this is not done, no amount of cleaning will help as the white mold will return. The next step is to brush off the white mold and scrub the affected area with a dilute solution of water and detergent. This will help clean up all traces of white mold. Allow the basement to dry thoroughly, if necessary using dehumidifiers. When it is fully dry apply a 10 percent bleach solution to control further white mold growth. Observe the basement carefully for fresh white mold growth.

Are there any natural white mold removal products?

Yes there are. You can learn how to remove white mold from basement by yourself. The best natural products for white mold removal are Tea tree oil, vinegar and grapefruit seed extract. Tea tree oil is a broad-spectrum fungicide and very effective.  The only problem with using it is that it leaves an odor for a few days which might be difficult to vent out of a basement. Grapefruit seed extract which is as good leaves no odor. Of the three, vinegar is the least expensive and as effective.

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